Are you looking for a job? Getting a job with felony charges is not an easier task. You have to work hard and search for the job.

Most of the people do not get jobs after committing a serious crime. In case you want to get a job with felony charges than you should work on your network. You should increase your network. With the help of increased network, you will be able to get more job options. You should never get disappointed because of the felony charges. You should look forward to the future.

There are many industries that give work to the people with felony charges. Today we are going to talk about Stevens transport. You must be thinking about the hiring process of Stevens transport. Here is the detail which may be helpful for you.

Industry to work for

There is no doubt that in the transport industry people with felony charges will get jobs easily. But you should work hard before you enter in your new job. You must have experience in the same field along with a valid license. People who are having good knowledge about driving had more chances to get the job. The best part is that you can easily earn a very handsome amount.


There is no other documentation is required to get a job in this industry. Transport companies may not ask about your previous background in the hiring process. There are some companies which might ask you about felony charges. You should never hide about felony charges from your employer. It is better to disclose in the beginning to avoid any problem. You should refer to the list of transport companies and their requirements here.

Hiring of felons

Stevens transport hires people with felony charges. You must be able to clear their driving test for the job. By this way, you can learn very well. This is a very good company to work for. There are many people were reported to work for this company with felony charges.


In case you want to apply for this company you can take the reference from the people who already working in this company. It is very easy to get the job in transport companies.

Getting a job is much easier when the company has the requirement in the same field. In case you are expert in the same area, and the company has a vacancy at present than you have very high chances of getting a job. But you should also remember the fact that policies of the companies can be different in various geographical locations.